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Greetings, all. :)

Came into some doujinshi not long ago and am selling a few that I have duplicates of. Not sure about the titles on some of them, so I took pics of both front and back covers.

They range from PG/work-safe to the more explicit R/yaoi/NSFW. If you're interested in any of them, please PM me and let me know which so I can tell you what they are accordingly.

I'm asking $5 per doujinshi, plus shipping and handling (based upon your location), or 3 for $12 plus S&H. I accept PayPal, cash and checks/money orders.

Pictures behind the cut )

Thanks for looking. :)
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For your entertainment...

Title: (Don't) Call Me Maybe
Author: Amethyst Hunter
Rating: R (language, graphic gross/bloody imagery)
Warnings/Spoilers: See above. Akabane can be shockingly, err – descriptive...!
Notes: The title is a parody of a certain popular song. I couldn't resist.
Disclaimer: GB is not mine, I only play with them for fun and no harm is meant. Ditto the original song title.
Summary: Paul Wan fends off an unwelcome holiday surprise without much success, until one resourceful Honky Tonk patron steps in...!

Fanfiction here. :)
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While browsing around tonight, I found, by accident, something majorly super-awesome.

It doesn't appear to have been updated since 2009, but still. GB FTW! :)


For those reading my GB fanfics, they are now all updated on I'm also in the process of uploading them to AO3. But everything should be current on both my journal and :)
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Ever had a moment where you spotted something in real life that bore such a striking resemblance to fandom that it just made you squee?

Well, I have something to share:

Singer Adam Lambert has recently released his second album, Trespassing. I'm a Lambert fan so I picked up a copy, and imagine my delight when I turned the album over to see this on the back side.

Now, who does that remind you of? >:)

Don't know if the resemblance is intentional or not (there're two more pics on the album's inside art, where he pulls off an uncanny Ban and even a Makubex!), but it's fun to imagine! (And if it turned out that Mr. Lambert WAS a GB fan, well, I think I would die of sheer happiness.) :)


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