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Name:Get Backers
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Community description:The Dreamwidth community for the anime/manga Get Backers.
Welcome to [community profile] get_backers! For those of us who have enjoyed Get Backers, it doesn't matter that the anime's over, or that the English translation of the manga was axed in the last arc (okay, that's a lie, that sucked) - we still love it! Share your love, fanworks, and squee here... but keep in mind - wankery in the Honky Tonk means Paul will find a way to make you pay up.

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akabane, amano ginji, anime, babylon city, bad japanese puns, ban, ban-chan, bon-bon blanco, cheesy anime image songs, clayman, emishi haruki, evil eye, fanart, fanfiction, fansubs, fudo takuma, fuyuki shido, get backers, getbackers, ginji, hevn, honky tonk, infinite castle, jagan, juubei, kagami kyouji, kanou jouya, kazuki, kudou himiko, kuroudo akabane, kurusu masaki, makubex, manga, midou ban, mugenjou, natsuki amon, natsumi, otowa madoka, passionate male friendship, pierrot, pocky, raitei, shinigami, shounen magazine, shounen manga, subaru 360, tare ginji, taregin, teshimine, tokyopop, wan paul, wan pore
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